Hosam Matar, a Lebanese researcher specialized in International Relations. He obtained in 2017 his PhD in International Relations and European Studies from the Metropolitan University of Prague (MUP), where his thesis was about, “The Soft War Power: The Case of The US and Hezbollah 2004 – 2015). He was granted a PhD scholarship from the Lebanese University after he finished higher Diploma in International Relations from the Lebanese University in 2009. In 2011 he finished his Master Degree at MUP and his thesis was about “Religion and Pragmatism in Iran’s foreign Policy”.

He has published tens of articles and research papers (Arabic and English) related to Middle East (Iran, Turkey and Syria), China and United  States’ foreign policy. He is hosted regularly by media (TV – Radio  – Journals) to comment on regional and Lebanese politics. He has active participation in tens of lectures, seminars and conferences.

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